POST 3 I understand about indecision, but I don’t care if I get behind…..Part 2

There we were, with two viable choices, assuming we really wanted to do anything at all. And that get a move on train seemed to be rolling out of the station…

Barb called the realtor for the Thorngate lot.  He explained he was also a builder, and would be happy to sell us the lot AND build us a home.  The next day that conversation was followed by a bit of b’sherit. Do you know about b’sherit? A Yiddish word for destiny, fate, unexplained things happening, but for a reason. Barb playing tennis, talking to a new opponent, mentioning the lot in Thorngate.  Her opponent stopped, looked across the net, and said “I own that lot!”  It felt like destiny, but the lot was a bit pricy, and building is never cheap.

So we dragged Stan our kitchen man to the existing home in Lincolnshire. “Yes”, he said,”I can update this kitchen just the way you want it.”  And walking around outside we were impressed by the lovely landscaping, and a nature preserve down the block. That night in early May we made an offer. A little give here, a little take there, and a day or two later we had a deal with the owners. But we did include a clause to have the condition of the Dryvit checked out. We had heard more than one horror story about that surface.

Buying in Lincolnshire meant selling in Long Grove. We decided to interview two or three realtors before choosing one to list our home. On a Tuesday evening, the first realtor walked our home and said “This house is beautiful. You don’t need to sign a contract with me, but I can sell your house tonight at a good price if you let me bring over a couple I am working with.” In shock, we told her to go ahead. Within an hour, a lovely couple came to our door. Looking for a new home for their family of five, interested in our school district, and in a hurry to move, they seemed the perfect fit. Thursday evening they were back with the whole family, and by the end of the night, we had an offer from them to buy our house.  Quick work! We explained we would not accept the offer until the Lincolnshire house had passed its’ Dryvit inspection.

Several days before Mother’s Day, the report came in. Some damage, some rot. Repairable, but a sign that significant ongoing maintenance would be an issue. Barb and I took one more thoughtful drive through the Lincolnshire neighborhood and decided to withdraw our offer. A lovely home, but it was not to be ours.

Was it time for b’sherit?


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