POST 4 I understand about indecision, but I don’t care if I get behind…..Part 3

I made a call to our realtor on the Lincolnshire deal. With apologies, I explained that our attorney would be drafting a letter informing the sellers that due to the Dryvit issues we would be retracting our offer. I don’t think she was happy with us, and I am sure the sellers and their agent weren’t either, but we couldn’t buy a home we wouldn’t be happy with. After all. we still loved our current home.

And then a surprise call. The realtor for the Thorngate lot called to say the lot was going off contract, and he would not object to our making an offer, even though he would not get a commission, potentially saving us quite a bit on the lot purchase. Barb and I talked it over. We called the sellers directly while standing in a parking lot, and within a few minutes we had an oral agreement to purchase the lot in Thorngate. One more coincidence, the sellers attorney was the brother of a former classmate of mine.  Small world once again.

But we had a new dilemma. We knew designing and building a house would be at least a year long project. Should we accept the offer on our home, with a closing in 6 weeks or so, and rent for a year? The offer was a good one, maybe better than anything we would get down the line. Or should we stay in our current house while we built, and take our chances on selling in 2016. We looked at it from every angle; financial, convenience, emotional. We talked with a few trusted friends and relatives. And decided. Yes, we would sell now, move and rent for a year.

We arranged with the realtor with the great buyer to come to our home on Tuesday with the contract, while we busied ourselves and the realtors assistant looking for rentals.

The Tuesday afternoon after Mother’s Day. I am about to leave my lab and head for home. Barb calls from her car to tell me about her day, and we have a long cell to cell talk. In that call, the world’s axis flipped again, and by the time we hung up we had decided not to sell. What’s more, we had decided not to buy the lot!  We were going to stay put, enjoy our home, and not think about moving for another five to ten years. My last remark to Barb? “I feel like we just avoided the worst mistake in our lives! I feel like I can breathe again.” I picked up some flowers for Barb from Mariano’s, just in case she felt differently about the latest flip flop!


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