POST 5 Well, my mind is goin’ through them changes…

By the time I arrived home that evening I had cancelled two deals, one to buy, one to sell.  It was time to relax, enjoy the summer, watch the White Sox  Yeah, right!

Barb claims it took me less than  a  day before I was sending her MLS listings. I contend it was at least a day or two longer! No matter whose recollection is correct, we were looking again, but there just didn’t seem to be anything on our radar that met our wants and needs. And by now, our front and back gardens were in full bloom. And through Barb’s hard work on the Heron’s Landing Board and Landscaping Committee, all the common areas in our subdivision were looking the best they ever had. Who could think of moving away?

By now it is the Friday before Father’s Day. We heard from MW, the realtor/builder from the Thorngate site. “I just want to let you know, the lot is going to go back on listing next week, but maybe you want to make an offer before it does?”

Next day, Saturday. Barb and I talk a bit before her hair appointment, Barb growing frustrated. “I can’t take this indecision, this changing every day,” she tells me. I respond that I might make some calls. By the time Barb comes home, looking lovely of course, I have crossed the Rubicon, been on the phone with the sellers three times,  and negotiated a new, lower,  price for the lot. We had come full circle, and we were getting very very dizzy. No wonder I had a bout of vertigo!


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