POST 7 Reflections of My Mind

August 9 and this blog is reasonably up to date. Financial arrangements are still being finalized, and we are having many back and forths with the architect on the design  plans. What we call a two-story home he calls a ranch with a second level. That philosophical difference has an effect on the vision, but I think we will all arrive at the same place.

A couple of things have made us think this week. First, someone we know who works in the design trade, along with her husband has decided to cancel plans to construct a new house. Runaways cost proved the undoing. We realize we will have to make some concessions to keep OUR project from turning into the beast that broke our bank. But we still want to do this project with style.

The second was a reunion with an old friend and mentor. He has lived his life for the past year knowing he has advanced lung cancer. He is doing everything he can to combat the disease, but has barely paused in his wonderful career of educating and promoting necessary change. With his lovely wife at his side, he travels the country, writes books and journal articles, and creates touching blog entries. He reminds us that while we will do things with style, we must also do them with grace.


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