POST 9 Four Paragraphs and a Question

This is the third house we have built. The first, in what was then a new subdivision in Arlington Heights, was the home our children were born in, where our family really got started. Living the American Dream! The builder had 5 plans, we picked one, and then got to choose carpet colors and not much else. I remember a Sunday afternoon in the basement of one of the model homes, discussing various building issues with other member of the “Move In Class of ’83”. We suspected the builder had made the model home slightly larger than the specs, but someone had a tape measure, and we verified that the model home was actually pretty accurate.

Seven years down the road, when we outgrew the kitchen of house #1, we migrated to our current home. Another brand new development, but this time in Long Grove. Larger lots, more choices. This time too the builder had several models, but now we were able to modify the blueprints to a much greater extent. We added some footage here, the bonus room there. A wonderful life and wonderful memories in this house. But architecturally, it was still the builders plan, and we can point to houses on the street that were built off the same model.

This time it is different. This is all about how we want to live now, what spaces we consider important, how we anticipate our needs to change as we enter the next phase of life. We started with a floor plan of a house we liked, then tore it apart and reassembled it, as the ranch become two stories. Working with the architect, we control where every corner will be, how long each wall should be. We create spaces and then tear them down. It is a challenge, a puzzle, a creative experience. All of Barb’s creative experience, through two houses and innumerable remodels, are being put to the test.  It is hard and we will struggle with it, but deep down we love doing it.

Yesterday Barb met with the interior designer, who we are pleased to say verified our results. She loves the plan! Of course, since yesterday’s meeting, Barb and I have made newer, fresher modifications. Would you expect anything less? We are scheduled to meet with the architect tonight. It is tricky for Barb and I to predict how changes we envision will affect the exterior, and particularly the roof line. That is what the professionals are for!

Now I have a question for whomever is reading this blog. Lots of people have told us they have enjoyed reading it, I get a kick out of writing it. And I am sure Barb will scribe some passages too. But it has been suggested to us that this blog, particularly the first few parts, may make it difficult to sell our house next year. I am soliciting opinions on this. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment. By the way, you can leave comments without including your email or contact information.  But feel free to tell us who you are in your comment.



2 thoughts on “POST 9 Four Paragraphs and a Question

  1. Les
    I’m thoroughly enjoying reading about your experience. I haven’t done a full house thing but I did do the 2000 square-foot addition thing and design space exactly as we needed it. I’m not sure It’s going to make it any harder to sell your house based on what you’ve written. U2 simply decided it was time to move. And let’s face it, your blog is going to be read by those who know you have written it, not by the multiple listing service. Enjoy the adventure. Marty Gertler


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