POST 14 Is Keepin me Wai-ai-ai-ai-aaaaiting

Carly and James

Newton’s Narrative of Collisions: Actions and reactions keep on clicking!

Moore’s Maxim of Computers: Microchips keep getting faster!

Peter’s Principle of Companies: People keep on rising!

Raff’s Rule of Construction: Nothing ever happens.

I must be patient. I know the architect is working on the plans. I believe the bank is working on the financing. And I hope the attorney is working on the contract. But it feels like months (actually 4 weeks) since we closed on the property and I am filled with the energy of wanting to see a home bloom in the desert, or at least on a vacant lot in Riverwoods.

We know the importance of taking our time. Remodeling space for the laboratory took half a year of planning days and sleepless nights. Barb spent nine months  planning our kitchen makeover, resulting in straight forward construction and a perfect end result. But I want this project to be zooming ahead, 8 cylinders clicking along, with a turbo boost when needed. I never foresee the hold ups and delays, so I am blindsided every time the bank says they require one more document, or a room needs to have one more revision.

I can wait half an hour to be seated at Cheesecake Factory for a Skinny Menu salad without too much grumbling. I don’t need to search for the shortest line at the local Whole Foods. And I don’t mind taking a number and waiting my turn at the deli. But I want this house to happen!

My outlook needs a makeover. I need to delete the exclamation points, ease back on the throttle and let my blood pressure flatten out a bit. Writing helps with that, so thank you faithful readers. The house will be built, and in the meantime there are lovely days to enjoy, happy events to celebrate and a wonderful wife to envision the future with. These ARE the good old days.

But when you are looking forward to the last grilled beef, turkey or tofu burger of the summer, and waiting ever so impatiently for the last dollop of ketchup to ever so slowly drip out of the bottle remember, it could be worse. You could be building your dream house.  ketchup

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3 thoughts on “POST 14 Is Keepin me Wai-ai-ai-ai-aaaaiting

  1. Just received your blogs & can tell why you were a journalism king at Eugene field school. What a talent!!
    You guys are so ambitious & creative!! We can’t even decide on new kitchen countertops!!
    Love “joining ” in on your journey. It is sooo much work but will enjoy the trip & anxious to see the end result!


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