POST 29 Truckin, I’m a Goin’ Home….

truckin…whoa oh baby, back where I belong.

Grateful Dead-1970

A pharmaceutical company provided the laboratory and business office with breakfast via a  food truck this morning. Lots of great looking pancake combos on the menu, but I opted for the overly sweet “healthy” choice of the yogurt- granola-  fruit parfait. Healthy–right, who am I kidding! At least it gave me enough energy to write a blog post, and led to an obvious opening line to boot.

As far as “goin’ home,” is concerned, yesterday we took a break from the design process. Barb and I spent part of the evening at a joyous celebration,  a “brit milah” or ritual circumcision. Mazel Tov to the baby’s family, particularly the  grandma,  a fellow pathologist and theater lover. She and I have plans to co-write a musical set in a morgue. If you don’t subscribe to Variety, just read future installments of this blog to know when the show makes its off-off Broadway debut. I will have free tickets for all our readers.

This morning the house project got back on track. AT 7 a.m. we received a revised set of exterior drawings from the architect,  and a meeting with the him and the builder is scheduled for this evening. One thing that I have had difficulties with is taking the two dimensional drawings and translating them in my head into a full widescreen 3D rendition.  It is hard for me to look at the outside elevations and recognize what will be in the foreground and what will recede and how the various roof lines will interact. Fortunately, Barb has a good grasp of the spatial arrangements, and has even lent the architect a guiding hand. So  with enough Keurig K-Cups and a fresh cinnamon coffee cake to keep everyone comfortably buzzed, I think might finally get to the starting line tonight, and maybe, maybe, catch a glimmer of the finish line in the distant haze.  Barb and I will have to be The Marathon Men. Better that than being The Mad Men, a designation I believe I have heard from some of you!

Time to wrap this up, as I just noticed that the leftover pancakes were delivered to our break room. Got to get some while they are still warm. No gluten issues here. Dine on!

gdSometimes the lights all shinin’ on me

Other times I can barely see

Lately it occurs to me

What a long, strange trip its been!


POST 28 There Ought to be Clowns…..

sondheim….well maybe next year.

Stephen Sondheim, A Little Night Music

With Barb and a friend in  New York City this weekend,  I had an opportunity to do some multi-tasking. So while watching the 4-0 NU Wildcats squeak out a victory over a very determined Ball Stat team  I was was also noodling around with my new (thank you UroPartners) tablet. I downloaded the HBO Go Ap and looked for something to stream.

I scrolled through the HBO Documentary section and came across a 2013 film called  “Six by Sondheim.” Those of you who know me well are aware that I am a Broadway Baby, with my list of favorite musicals, organized alphabetically and by decade. We have given spirited renditions of a few Broadway tunes on our baseball buddy trips. But I don’t think you will find much Sondheim on my Must See/Must Sing list. Sondheim doesn’t write many “typical” musicals. He tackles topics such as men who kill Presidents (Assassins, a big flop) and barbers who kill men (Sweeney Todd, a big hit.)

I like the way this doc was put together. It contained almost no new material. Instead, the film makers spliced together bits and pieces of 12 or 15 previous Sondheim television interviews spanning 50 years of his career, taking him from an up and comer to an honored veteran. This was interspersed with new performances of a six of his compositions. The best of these pieces started with a dozen YouTube clips of everyone from Collins (Judy) to Sinatra (Frank) to Streisand (Barbra) singing Send in the Clowns. This segued into an amazing rendition of the song by Audra McDonald. All I can say is that if you don’t know Audra McDonald, you should.

So does any of this have anything to do with our home building project? I guess what  learned while watching was the degree of collaboration, the multitude of moving parts, that need to come together for a successful Broadway show. It will be the same for our new house. The architect can write the music, the builder can pen the words, the decorator can be the set designer, and Barb and I can play the leading roles. I can already see Neil Patrick Harris handing us our Tonys….

In closing, we are quickly approaching our 30th post. Don’t you all think it is time for Barb to write one? If you believe Barb should write a post, clap your hands. No tinkwait, I can’t hear you. If you believe Barb should write a post, answer the poll below, or if you are on a site that doesn’t show the poll, send me an email at I bet that if we get 50 or more positive responses, I will be able to convince Barb you really want to hear from her.



POST 27 When You Come to the Fork in the Road…..

…TAKE IT! yogiAttributed to Lawrence Peter (Yogi) Berra 1925-2015.

Not a music quote today. Instead, we honor the recently passed Hall of Fame ballplayer and travel down a couple of forked roads.

The path to Riverwoods continues to gain momentum, although we are still not under contract. I think next week will be the “point of no return,” and I cannot conceive of anything that will keep us from going forward. I suspect (hope?) the next few months  will be filled with visions of foundation (concrete), insulation (pink), and countertops (marble redux?) This should be the fun part, though I am sure there will be stress and tempers and unprintables. Well, at least we are experienced with all that, aren’t we, Mr. Bank Officer!

My other fork today? What to do with this blog. Any of you reading from the beginning know that the origins were in the off-hand remark of a former boss of Barb’s. “Why not document building the house in a blog. Share it with your friends.” Barb passed that on to me, and here we are, 27 posts later. Along the way, we have covered a lot of ephemera, a lot of riff-raff. Housebuilding? Not so much. But I have had a blast, and have qvelled (y’all know that word, right?) at some of the comments.

Anyway, ChicagoNow, a subsidiary of Tribune Publications, was taking “pitches” to run blogs on their website.  It would mean a little more exposure, maybe some more readers, and potentially  some revenue. I spent a lot of time speaking with the manager of the site, as well as some of the other writers  who have brought their work to ChicagoNow. I was sorely tempted, but it would have meant turning blogging into a part-time job, with a need for posts on a very regular basis. Since I have committed to  house building as my part-time job for the next year, I have decided to leave downsizemaybe right here on WordPress where it was conceived and born. I know it is a decision Barb prefers as well. Of course I would love to increase readership, so as I keep blogging you can always feel free to like, share and spread the word, be it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or at your dining room table. We have had readers from  10 or 12 different countries and four continents, but that leaves plenty more. And as always, after you are done reading, leave a comment or say hi!

I think I can find a closing song after all.

Another turning point a fork stuck in the road. Time grabs you by the wrist directs you wear to go……green day

….I hope you had the time of your life.

POST 26 I Can Call you Betty, And Betty When You Call Me…

paul simon –Paul Simon, the Graceland album, 1986.

The timing was just right. While Barb and I wait for the final drawings, and consult with our attorney on the building contract, I enjoyed  the previously advertised baseball buddy trip. Having the attorney along as one of my traveling companions was just an added benefit.

We had a great time, catching a near perfect gem of a baseball game, visiting the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village complex outside Detroit, and eating at two  Michigan restaurant renowned in the Raff household, Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor and Redamak’s Tavern in New Buffalo. I haven’t had a chance to write any Yelp! reviews, but if you head for Zingerman’s, just close your eyes and hand over your wallet to the cashier!

But as always on these trips, it was the conversation and the camaraderie that made the miles and days zoom by.  As we told our stories for the second or third time, I recognized all the old nicknames. Now I have never had a nickname. I don’t think Barb ever has either, though nicknaming seems less common in women. So I got to thinking, what kind of person gets a  nickname and who spends their lives as “Les”, or in worst case scenarios, “Lester.” My observations:

If you were the wide receiver in all the grammar school pick-up football games, you get a nickname. If you were the holder for place kicks, you don’t.

If you were a wild and crazy guy in your college fraternity, you get cool wooden paddles with your secret nickname. If you lived at home for college and worked at the Jewel, you get a plastic laminated name tag with you first initial, last name and a red X because you aren’t old enough to sell liquor.

If you were called “Rock and Roll’s future” when you were 25 years old, you get called “The Boss.” If the dog howls when you sing in the shower, you get called the hot water waster.

If you are on a bowling team, your bowling shirt has your nickname. If you play mixed doubles tennis, your tennis shirt doesn’t even have your real name, unless your name is Wilson, or even more troubling, Prince.

If you are a  pawnbroker or duck hunter on a TV reality show, you get an authentic redneck nickname. If you are on Jeopardy!, Alex Trebek uses your real name, as in “Wrong again, Les”.

If you are a hot shot  surgeon, you get a nickname from the nurses. If you are a pathologist, no one can remember your name.

So my challenge between now and the time the house gets built is to do something worthy of earning a nickname. I will keep trying, but in the meantime, you can call me Al!

POST 25 Can You Tell Me –Please Don’t Tell Me

chicagoThose are lyrics from Question 67 and 68,  a song by the band Chicago. Their picture is on the left.  I realize now that I had taken for granted that our readers figured out the relationship between the post title, usually a song lyric, and the lead picture, usually an artist associated with that song. I was disabused of the assumption that all of the readers were “getting it” when Barb asked me why my last post featured a picture of Gwenyth Paltrow. In my “this is really basic” voice I explained that the title of the post contained lyrics from the song Viva La Vida. Viva La Vida is a song from the band Coldplay. Coldplay’s front man is Chris Martin. Chris Martin was married to Gwenyth Paltrow. Gwenyth Paltrow was my picture choice. A–>B–>C–>D–>E. Simple, no? But not all blog readers share my love of music, pop culture and trivia, or have a subscription to both People and Rolling Stone magazines. So no more tricky lead ins. I promise, or at least I promise to try.

In more straight forward news, the architect has almost completed all the exterior drawings. Barb is also learning all about the qualities of different stones, their durability and how they weather over the years. Many of the quarries are in northern Wisconsin, so a road trip may be in order. Maybe even catch some leaves changing color.

Speaking of road trips, I leave tomorrow for my annual baseball road trip with friends from grammar school and high school. This year it a drive  to Detroit, expertly timed on our part so that the game doesn’t matter to either the White Sox OR the Tigers, although last place may be hanging in the balance. And because life couldn’t get any better, we are going to see a doubleheader!

Actually, the road trips are about a lot more than the baseball games. It is a chance to share  memories every year (ok, they are the SAME memories every year), see great cities (10 or 12 great ones,  and then there was Oakland), interesting museums (in Pittsburgh we spent all morning at the Andy Warhol one), and national treasures (the Gateway Arch, the Iwo Jima Memorial, the Halls of Fame Baseball and Rock’n’Roll.) We also play a lot of Name that Tune and Password, just passing time on long car rides. I take credit for having the only traffic accident on our journeys, but it was in a gas station, so the gang still lets me drive on the road. I also do the cost accounting, because who would you trust with your money, a bunch of attorneys or a doctor?

So I anticipate this will be my last post for a few days. I will spend the trip stewing on my favorite Hall of Fame Question, why isn’t Chicago IN the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Must be all the performance enhancing drugs.

Wheel on.  rnr




Want to know what’s happening with our house now? Check out our chicagonow blog site.

POST 24 I Hear Jerusalem Bells a-Ringing…..

gp…Roman cavalry choirs are singing

Yes, that is Gwyneth. Yes, I know that should be a picture of Coldplay, or at least Chris Martin. But my exhaustive, scientific, and unbiased research (counting hits on previous posts) indicates that more of you, males and females,  will read this if there is a pretty woman in the lead picture. I ran out of new photos of Barb, so you get the “consciously uncoupled” Ms Paltrow. In no way does this constitute an endorsement for any of her odder life style advice, but she does look good. I can deal with the deviation from the lead pic pattern, and I hope you can too!

Anyway, if you haven’t guessed from the joyous title of this post, Monday afternoon Barb and I got THE PHONE CALL. I had previously told our banker that whenever she calls I can tell by her voice that she is going to ask me for one more notarized document or one more affidavit. It sounded to me as if she had that same “don’t shoot the messenger” tone as she said hello, but she thought she was being cheerful when she told us “It is all taken care of, the loan is approved.” All that is left to do is for Barb and I to deposit more money in her bank so that we can get the promised rate. Sort of like bringing a can of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup to the delicatessen so you can get the good homemade matzoh ball stuff, but that’s the way it is. So we will visit her this afternoon, make the necessary deposit, and sign on the dotted line. Welcome to the real world.

This means we will be soon headed onto the next phase. Ahead lay architectural drawings, a contract with the builder, and homeowners and village review of our plans. The challenge will be to get the more than the construction fence and Port-A-Potty installed before the first frost. Along the way, we will begin to spend some of the money the bank has graciously passed our way. What has been a trickle of cash flowing out so far will soon be a torrent-the Mighty Mississippi River of dollars will soon roar out the door.  Writing about it here will be the one part of the process I can do for free, so look for lots of posts!

Like dollars, numbers can be elusive. After discussion with WordPress, the site on which these posts reside, I have discovered that the “hit” numbers they provide are quite inaccurate. I am really curious as to who and how many of you are reading along. If you are reading this post in any format, whether on WordPress, Facebook or LinkedIn, or as a result of a Google Search or a message from me, please either check a “Like” box or send me a comment or email ( Tell me who you are or be anonymous, it is mostly the count I am interested in right now (yeah, it is an ego thing.) If you  all do this just once, I can get a better sense of how many of you are reading, and hopefully enjoying.

Time to go FISHing (a bit of pathologist humor)

Bye all.

POST 23 I’m Not Trying to Cause a Big S-s-s-sensation…

the who“hope I die before I get old.”   Those must be the worst lyrics in all of music history. I imagine that 50 years after writing them, Pete Townsend  has some second thoughts. In contrast, our past few days have been all about life and family,  “L’dor v’dor”, from one generation to the next.

Yesterday, I ran the SEA Blue Prostate Cancer Awareness Run in Lincoln Park. Thanks to all who helped me smash my fund-raising goal. But the biggest treat was getting to run with Laury as we remembered my dad, Laury’s grandfather. By “running with” I mean watching her get smaller and smaller in the distance as she put a few miles between the two of us. It didn’t help that I  managed to get lost on a course with hundreds of runners, signs every 300 feet, and bright blue painted arrows on the pavement. I must have been daydreaming about construction schedules and the appearance of stone vs. brick.

Barb and I also had the chance to relish a full 24 hours of grandparent babysitting as Mike and Becca moved to their new home in Buffalo Grove. Their choosing to stay in the area, and our choosing the same with our new home, will allow us to enjoy this newest generation for many years to come. No question that family is the mortar, whether we choose brick OR stone.

Finally, in temple today I was overwhelmed by the number of babies and small children worshiping and welcoming the new year. Heritage is something that outgrows a single family tree, creating  an orchard that last from harvest to harvest to harvest. I know the home we are leaving has contributed to that orchard, and I hope our new home will as well.

A bit sentimental on this special day, but don’t worry, I can still play a mean pinball!

Don’t tilt, and I will catch you all on the next game. In the meantime, how about telling me what the worst lyrics that YOU can think of are!

POST 22 Gonna Keep on Tryin….

stevie….Till I Reach My Higher Ground.

Hallelujah! Our finances have been elevated! What essential documentation did the bank ask us for this week  to reach these dizzying, dazzling heights?

  1. Since the stamped, signed receipt we provided from prepayment of our real estate taxes was not acceptable, we obtained a verification from the County Assessor that our tax balance was zero.
  2. Since Central Document Review only now discovered  a gap in the 35 page document the bank had requested and received two months ago, we provided the missing page 19.
  3. Since the 20 page document verifying our homeowners insurance was not complete enough, we submitted a copy of the premium payment.

The net result is we have been escalated by the regional sales manager to the fast-track! No one will say exactly what that means, and I question the logic of the bank telling we are being fast-tracked after the timeline for approval has already been exceeded, but you gotta’ love life in the fast lane. Can you feel the whiplash?

With the weekend starting I don’t expect any new action from the bank, but with today being 9/11, and with Rosh Hashannah almost upon us, it is a good time to slow down, give remembrance and give thanks. So whether it is Stevie Wonder or the Red Hot Chili Peppers who fire your soul, join us in wishes for peace and a good year ahead.

Play on.rhcp

POST 21 In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle

giraffe3I can hear you saying, “OK, enough with the cars and the music and the amusement parks. What is going on with the house? Isn’t that what this blog is supposed to be about?” Well, my friends, we are in the equivalent of old-time college basketball’s dreaded four corner offense, also know as the stall. The house interior design is in the little details stage, while the exterior plan is still evolving. You don’t want to hear more about the bank, and neither do Barb or I! It would be nice if life had a shot clock to get things moving, wouldn’t it?

So with all of this nothing going on,  the timing was perfect for our long holiday weekend on the West Coast. That’s the West Coast of the USA and not the West Coast of Africa, despite the giraffe! Friends and family, a fun wedding in a lovely setting,  no blogging and no construction thoughts — yeah, right! At least only one of the wedding guests that we talked to was an architect.

Next on our house agenda is deciding on the material for the exterior. Let’s make this fun and interactive. Join the help us make a decision by entering your preferred exterior construction material. Bonus points to anyone who wants to send a sample.

Talk soon!

POST 20 My Maserati Does 185

joe walshWe have seen many concerts at Rosemont’s Allstate Arena, from Piano Men Sir John and  Mr. Joel  to the fully reconstituted, 100% natural, Fleetwood Mac. The best show? We agree it was from the Eagles, on their “History Of” tour. And no one turned on the crowd that night as much as the hard rocking, fun-loving Joe Walsh. Funky guitars, creaking vocals, and a GoPro Camera on the neck of the Stratocaster, the man put on quite a show. He had Barb entranced, and now whenever we are in the car and we hear him on the radio, she will murmur “That’s my guy.”

My car. Lots of time in my car. As we have said, that is one reason for the move. Get me closer to the tollway. Sure there have been suggestions of “Don’t build a house, get a driver”, or “Don’t build a house, get a Tesla.” But I love my car, and I love that 5:30 a.m. tollway drive. The car has every gimmick–double rear seat DVD screens (which of course I can’t use) and infrared night vision (which of course I don’t need.) The “active” cruise control–THAT is what I can’t do without.  I press  the activate button as I turn on to the tollway entrance ramp . Then pull out to the left lane, accelerate, hit the speed lock, sit back and relax. With the car automatically breaking as needed, I can drive the 28 tollway miles without touching anything but the steering wheel. It is an awesome drive. I see beautiful sunrises and moonsets, and watch the planes zoom overhead landing at O’Hare. I always wave to the pilots.

With my distinctive license plates, my car is pretty recognizable. Friends, even the service rep at my car dealer, have mentioned they have seen me zip by on my early morning sprint. (I did mention I like the left lane, didn’t I?)  The car has a distinctive history too; the original owner is a convicted embezzler. I have searched every inch for some hidden cash cache the FBI couldn’t detect, but it seems that all he left behind was a bit of cop-killer rap stored on the music system. Must have been  anticipating his eventual arrest when he tuned in to that.

So I will continue to tool along, knowing that when the house is finally built (no news on that the last few days) I will have left behind the afternoon bottleneck I loathe, but still have my car, my morning cruise and my career. As Joe likes to sing “Life’s been good to me so far!”

Have a great holiday!