POST 19 Cause It’s All About That Space, That Space…

meghan t…don’t want no medal just space.

Sure, based on the sequence number of this post, and my rants in some of the previous editions, it was tempting to title it “19th Nervous Breakdown”. But we have already paid homage to the Stones, and it is time for me to recognize that music extends beyond the Classic Rock era. Besides, using “19th NB” would create the impression that this project and this process have been nothing but headache and stress. Of course those are part of it; they are built-in to any major change. Yes there is head-butting with some of the parties we are working with. But in the end, I think everyone has the same goal in mind.

With the house design nearing completion, Barb and I are recognizing a few things. Although downsizing is a factor, we also know we will be living in the new house for many years, and there are parts of our lifestyle that will continue to be important to us. We want to be able to maintain our traditional family holiday celebrations. We want to have welcoming space for overnight visitors. We want a playroom for whomever the future brings us. We want space to play and display our splendid piano. And a first floor master bedroom that will allow us to remain in the home when hips and knees say “no” to stairs is a must. So the house is turning out a bit bigger than anticipated, but with a few nips and tucks I think we can keep it manageable, both from a design and cost point of view. So we await the next iteration of drawings with just slightly guarded optimism. No breakdowns here, or at least we hope to keep them in the single digits!

Please allow me to sidetrack for a moment as I end this post. Many of you know of my involvement, both personally (my dad)  and professionally (my lab), with cancer of the prostate. On September 13th I will be running for the third time in the SEA BLUE Prostate Cancer Awareness 5K Run in Lincoln Park. Through the generous support of so many of you I have far surpassed my fund-raising goal for the event. If any of you have not had the opportunity to contribute and would like to, I am attaching a link to my web page for the run. All contributions are greatly appreciated.

For those of you who relish the return of the heat and humidity, enjoy the day!


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