POST 23 I’m Not Trying to Cause a Big S-s-s-sensation…

the who“hope I die before I get old.”   Those must be the worst lyrics in all of music history. I imagine that 50 years after writing them, Pete Townsend  has some second thoughts. In contrast, our past few days have been all about life and family,  “L’dor v’dor”, from one generation to the next.

Yesterday, I ran the SEA Blue Prostate Cancer Awareness Run in Lincoln Park. Thanks to all who helped me smash my fund-raising goal. But the biggest treat was getting to run with Laury as we remembered my dad, Laury’s grandfather. By “running with” I mean watching her get smaller and smaller in the distance as she put a few miles between the two of us. It didn’t help that I  managed to get lost on a course with hundreds of runners, signs every 300 feet, and bright blue painted arrows on the pavement. I must have been daydreaming about construction schedules and the appearance of stone vs. brick.

Barb and I also had the chance to relish a full 24 hours of grandparent babysitting as Mike and Becca moved to their new home in Buffalo Grove. Their choosing to stay in the area, and our choosing the same with our new home, will allow us to enjoy this newest generation for many years to come. No question that family is the mortar, whether we choose brick OR stone.

Finally, in temple today I was overwhelmed by the number of babies and small children worshiping and welcoming the new year. Heritage is something that outgrows a single family tree, creating  an orchard that last from harvest to harvest to harvest. I know the home we are leaving has contributed to that orchard, and I hope our new home will as well.

A bit sentimental on this special day, but don’t worry, I can still play a mean pinball!

Don’t tilt, and I will catch you all on the next game. In the meantime, how about telling me what the worst lyrics that YOU can think of are!


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