POST 24 I Hear Jerusalem Bells a-Ringing…..

gp…Roman cavalry choirs are singing

Yes, that is Gwyneth. Yes, I know that should be a picture of Coldplay, or at least Chris Martin. But my exhaustive, scientific, and unbiased research (counting hits on previous posts) indicates that more of you, males and females,  will read this if there is a pretty woman in the lead picture. I ran out of new photos of Barb, so you get the “consciously uncoupled” Ms Paltrow. In no way does this constitute an endorsement for any of her odder life style advice, but she does look good. I can deal with the deviation from the lead pic pattern, and I hope you can too!

Anyway, if you haven’t guessed from the joyous title of this post, Monday afternoon Barb and I got THE PHONE CALL. I had previously told our banker that whenever she calls I can tell by her voice that she is going to ask me for one more notarized document or one more affidavit. It sounded to me as if she had that same “don’t shoot the messenger” tone as she said hello, but she thought she was being cheerful when she told us “It is all taken care of, the loan is approved.” All that is left to do is for Barb and I to deposit more money in her bank so that we can get the promised rate. Sort of like bringing a can of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup to the delicatessen so you can get the good homemade matzoh ball stuff, but that’s the way it is. So we will visit her this afternoon, make the necessary deposit, and sign on the dotted line. Welcome to the real world.

This means we will be soon headed onto the next phase. Ahead lay architectural drawings, a contract with the builder, and homeowners and village review of our plans. The challenge will be to get the more than the construction fence and Port-A-Potty installed before the first frost. Along the way, we will begin to spend some of the money the bank has graciously passed our way. What has been a trickle of cash flowing out so far will soon be a torrent-the Mighty Mississippi River of dollars will soon roar out the door.  Writing about it here will be the one part of the process I can do for free, so look for lots of posts!

Like dollars, numbers can be elusive. After discussion with WordPress, the site on which these posts reside, I have discovered that the “hit” numbers they provide are quite inaccurate. I am really curious as to who and how many of you are reading along. If you are reading this post in any format, whether on WordPress, Facebook or LinkedIn, or as a result of a Google Search or a message from me, please either check a “Like” box or send me a comment or email ( Tell me who you are or be anonymous, it is mostly the count I am interested in right now (yeah, it is an ego thing.) If you  all do this just once, I can get a better sense of how many of you are reading, and hopefully enjoying.

Time to go FISHing (a bit of pathologist humor)

Bye all.


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