POST 25 Can You Tell Me –Please Don’t Tell Me

chicagoThose are lyrics from Question 67 and 68,  a song by the band Chicago. Their picture is on the left.  I realize now that I had taken for granted that our readers figured out the relationship between the post title, usually a song lyric, and the lead picture, usually an artist associated with that song. I was disabused of the assumption that all of the readers were “getting it” when Barb asked me why my last post featured a picture of Gwenyth Paltrow. In my “this is really basic” voice I explained that the title of the post contained lyrics from the song Viva La Vida. Viva La Vida is a song from the band Coldplay. Coldplay’s front man is Chris Martin. Chris Martin was married to Gwenyth Paltrow. Gwenyth Paltrow was my picture choice. A–>B–>C–>D–>E. Simple, no? But not all blog readers share my love of music, pop culture and trivia, or have a subscription to both People and Rolling Stone magazines. So no more tricky lead ins. I promise, or at least I promise to try.

In more straight forward news, the architect has almost completed all the exterior drawings. Barb is also learning all about the qualities of different stones, their durability and how they weather over the years. Many of the quarries are in northern Wisconsin, so a road trip may be in order. Maybe even catch some leaves changing color.

Speaking of road trips, I leave tomorrow for my annual baseball road trip with friends from grammar school and high school. This year it a drive  to Detroit, expertly timed on our part so that the game doesn’t matter to either the White Sox OR the Tigers, although last place may be hanging in the balance. And because life couldn’t get any better, we are going to see a doubleheader!

Actually, the road trips are about a lot more than the baseball games. It is a chance to share  memories every year (ok, they are the SAME memories every year), see great cities (10 or 12 great ones,  and then there was Oakland), interesting museums (in Pittsburgh we spent all morning at the Andy Warhol one), and national treasures (the Gateway Arch, the Iwo Jima Memorial, the Halls of Fame Baseball and Rock’n’Roll.) We also play a lot of Name that Tune and Password, just passing time on long car rides. I take credit for having the only traffic accident on our journeys, but it was in a gas station, so the gang still lets me drive on the road. I also do the cost accounting, because who would you trust with your money, a bunch of attorneys or a doctor?

So I anticipate this will be my last post for a few days. I will spend the trip stewing on my favorite Hall of Fame Question, why isn’t Chicago IN the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Must be all the performance enhancing drugs.

Wheel on.  rnr




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