POST 27 When You Come to the Fork in the Road…..

…TAKE IT! yogiAttributed to Lawrence Peter (Yogi) Berra 1925-2015.

Not a music quote today. Instead, we honor the recently passed Hall of Fame ballplayer and travel down a couple of forked roads.

The path to Riverwoods continues to gain momentum, although we are still not under contract. I think next week will be the “point of no return,” and I cannot conceive of anything that will keep us from going forward. I suspect (hope?) the next few months  will be filled with visions of foundation (concrete), insulation (pink), and countertops (marble redux?) This should be the fun part, though I am sure there will be stress and tempers and unprintables. Well, at least we are experienced with all that, aren’t we, Mr. Bank Officer!

My other fork today? What to do with this blog. Any of you reading from the beginning know that the origins were in the off-hand remark of a former boss of Barb’s. “Why not document building the house in a blog. Share it with your friends.” Barb passed that on to me, and here we are, 27 posts later. Along the way, we have covered a lot of ephemera, a lot of riff-raff. Housebuilding? Not so much. But I have had a blast, and have qvelled (y’all know that word, right?) at some of the comments.

Anyway, ChicagoNow, a subsidiary of Tribune Publications, was taking “pitches” to run blogs on their website.  It would mean a little more exposure, maybe some more readers, and potentially  some revenue. I spent a lot of time speaking with the manager of the site, as well as some of the other writers  who have brought their work to ChicagoNow. I was sorely tempted, but it would have meant turning blogging into a part-time job, with a need for posts on a very regular basis. Since I have committed to  house building as my part-time job for the next year, I have decided to leave downsizemaybe right here on WordPress where it was conceived and born. I know it is a decision Barb prefers as well. Of course I would love to increase readership, so as I keep blogging you can always feel free to like, share and spread the word, be it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or at your dining room table. We have had readers from  10 or 12 different countries and four continents, but that leaves plenty more. And as always, after you are done reading, leave a comment or say hi!

I think I can find a closing song after all.

Another turning point a fork stuck in the road. Time grabs you by the wrist directs you wear to go……green day

….I hope you had the time of your life.


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