POST 32 Teach…

csny…Your Children Well

Graham Nash/Crosby Stills Nash and Young

Deja Vu, 1970

The first email in my inbox this morning was from a former employee, telling me about her new career in environmental science. I got out my scalpel and cut another notch on the doorpost.

We hire a lot of young people here as laboratory assistants. Since we require a Bachelor’s Degree in a science field, but don’t pay a “scientist’s” salary most of our recruits have just earned their college diploma, are planning on grad school, and just guessing what their future careers will be. We know coming in that they won’t be long-timers here. I guess it can be considered a paid internship. While here, they transition from a college life style to the discipline of being at a job at 5:15 every morning.  They handle a wide and constantly growing set of duties. They learn to troubleshoot. And the best of them teach us a few things too.

I help these “kids” with grad school applications and am always pleased when down the road they ask me to be a reference for their first professional job application. The roster of careers our alumni have moved to is quite impressive. Our first lab hire is now a Masters trained Pathologist Assistant. Since then we have nurtured future physicians, nurses, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, research scientists,  and as of today, two environmentalists! Of course Barb and I are proud of our own kids, but I am also very proud of these young men and women. I hope to keep chopping notches in the door for a long time to come.

On to the music. A CSNY concert in the early ’70s is the first “real” concert I ever attended. I remember sitting in the very furthest reaches of the old Chicago Stadium. The marijuana smoke was so thick I could barely see the stage. The band sounded pretty good that night, but I don’t think they have aged very well.  David Crosby may be thriving since  his liver transplant, but can someone please create a voice transplant for Stephen Stills?

“What about the house?”, you ask. The pictures in the right column of the blog now include a rendering of the exterior, along with a comment from the architect. And Barb meets today with our interior designer. The house will only look as good as the things we put into it, but with Barb’s eye and taste, I think style and class are a given. I hope the designer can keep up with her!

As for tonight, even this unrepentant Sox fan can cheer on the Cubs. Any readers remember the “Go Go Cubs” buttons with Hebrew style lettering we sold back in the 60’s as a temple fundraiser? Wonder what one of those is worth today!


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