POST 38 Old Friends….

s and g…sat on their park bench like bookends.

Simon and Garfunkel–1968

Two old friends stepped into my life recently. First, someone I had not seen since I changed schools after third grade stopped by my office. At first, and second, glance I had no idea who he was, though as I have said, I have a hard time recognizing faces that I have seen twenty minutes ago, much less 50 years ago. When he gave me his name though, I immediately recognized it.  There were memories of playing in his living room while his mother listened to “Sunrise, Sunset” in the kitchen. But the re-connection with him was odd, and as I later told Barb, slightly unsettling. It was hard to tell why he had really stopped by. In the end I realized he was just peddling nutritional supplements. A fiddler on the roof.

My other old friend did not need to introduce himself, though he may turn out to be unsettling too. For the first time in years I am wrapped up in a novel by Stephen King. I still list The Stand and The Shining among my all-time faves, but somewhere around the time of Misery and Gerald’s Game my interest in King’s stories disappeared. Yet hunting for an audio book at the library last week I picked up a relatively new King novel, Finders Keepers. So far no shivers down my spine, and no elements of horror or the supernatural. I hope at least a few tingles lay  ahead.

King is one of many authors that I used to enjoy but I have since “let go.” James Patterson, Stuart Woods, Nelson DeMille —  I used to eagerly await their new works, now my eyes pass over them on the library shelves without stopping. It becomes a constant challenge to find new authors to listen to during my long (but soon to be shortened!) commute and to read before I drift off to sleep. I have discovered a new friend or two,  but there is always room for more.

Speaking of friends, just read a blog entry from my friend and mentor who is standing up to cancer. His amazing outlook and perspective always inspire me.

Nothing new on the home building front. Plumbing and electrical drawings in progress. Not sure how much later in the year we will be able to pour concrete, so we need things to get moving.

Two questions before I sign off. Who inspires you? And who should I be reading? All answers appreciated.


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