POST 41 The Past Is Gone But Something Might Be Found….

gin blossoms… to take its place.

Gin Blossoms, 1989

We started writing this blog about three months ago. The decision to build a new home, to almost downsize, was fresh in our minds and we were looking forward to the building process. Here we are forty posts, almost 3,500 page views, countless song and other pop cultural references later–but still no hole in the ground! We are getting closer (we hope), still enjoying the process (we think), and I am still enjoying writing (I know.) So with this entry I want to let you know that the blog will also be moving. This will be my last post at this site. Beginning with my next full post I will be joining the blogging crew at ChicagoNow.

ChicagoNow is managed by Tribune Media Group and is populated by writers with a wide variety of interests, but mostly with a Chicagoland point of view. The site will be a little more splashy, and a little better publicized than the current site, but I don’t anticipate too much change to the blog contents. Still a mix of construction news, family life in the suburbs, and anything else that interests me, and hopefully you.

Why did I decide to make the change? A few reasons. First, with the exception of Emily Dickinson, any one who writes hopes to be read. If I do my part well, I think ChicagoNow will help to increase readership.

Second, anyone who writes hopes to write better. I have read a book or two on writing, but I can use additional resources. ChicagoNow has a community of bloggers, as well as a “community manager” who are there to give advice and help as needed. I hope to benefit from these assets.

Third, anyone who writes hopes to make some money from it, and since a few of the ChicagoNow bloggers actually make a buck or two from Tribune Media,  that may exist for me down the road. But as Barb has warned me, we are building a house and I better not forget that I have a day job!

What is the address for the new site? The URL for the main page is:

I expect that each new post will have a unique address. It will be at least a day or two before anything appears there, and when it does I will be sure to get word out to all my Facebook, LinkedIn and email followers. If you are a subscriber  to the current site, check the above link in a few days and subscribe there.

Thanks for following us thus far, and hope to see you all at ChicagoNow.


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