POST 18 Life is a Carnival, Believe it or Not

Barb and Les August 2015 cropped4Who remembers Riverview Park? I only visited a few times as a young boy, but still remember the anticipation of the El ride to Belmont Avenue followed by the streetcar to Western. The walk past the ticket booth in the stifling summer heat, the sounds and the sights and the feeling that you never knew what could be lurking around the corner. Cracker Jack and Hot Dogs and purple Snow Cones dripping down my chin and fingers. Doing a quick two-step so the man spitting tobacco wouldn’t get any brown juice on my white Keds.

Riverview ‘s gates closed for good in 1967, but the thrill rides go on and on! Let’s walk down the Midway so we can revisit the fun we had last weekend. We can start in the wacky Bank House Fun House. See those crazy mirrors? They are the one’s that can make a one month process stretch into a three-month one. Be careful you don’t fall into the Document Review Dunk Tank. NO ONE ever gets out!!!!

Next ride is up to you. But may I suggest we skip the Greyhound, the Bobs, and the Fireball for the real roller coaster of choice, the Exploding Plans. The first climb of excitement and anticipation, the click click click of the wheels on the wooden rails, and then the lurching stomach churning “The House will be Too Big and Too Expensive” drop. Watch out for the hairpin turns as you negotiate with the builder and architect. A Disneyland “E Ticket” ride for sure.

Look to the left. That’s the on ramp for the Bumper Cars, or as our cabbie in Naples, Italy  called them, BOOOmper Cars. Just one more drive down the Eisenhower on a Friday night. Watch out for those lane closures!

But despite the obstacles, our weekend was made joyous by our ultimate destination, the Never-Ending Tunnel of Love. We were so lucky to be part of a wedding of two lovely people, the ceremony linking their ancient cultures, proof of wonderful mysteries of love and happiness. Barb and I shared the joy of the newly married couple, and we know the love we have between us will remain as we negotiate the wonderful, scary, never-anticipated  “Adventures in Lifeland.”


POST 17 I Will Never Let a Banker in My Life

rexI really did not plan on writing a blog entry today. But three phone calls from the bank put me in need of some therapeutic creativity. So with all apologies to Lerner and Loew, here is my homage to my favorite musical, My Fair Lady and the incomparable Rex Harrison.

For those of you not familiar with the musical or the song, you can find it on YouTube here :

Never Let a Woman in Your Life

And Now

I Will Never Let a Banker in My Life

I’m just a new home building man
Who desires nothing more than just an ordinary loan
To get exactly what I need to build in Thorngate my new home
A working man am I, with top notch credit score
Who likes to live his life, with pets and wife
Never would think to ever ask for more
Well, just a new home building man

But, let a banker in your life
And your timeline is all through
He will complicate your plan, never mind where you began
For more forms he will go trawling, roping and then stalling, you

You want to get the darn thing over
He wants you to sign some more
You see that interest rates are rising
He laughs at what he’s got in store

I’m a level headed man
Get along with all my colleagues, you will never hear me swear
I like to tell the truth and think that I treat other people fair
A happy man am I, deal well with work and play
I would never moan, never groan
Never would let a dark cloud blot my day
An easy going man

But, let a banker in your life
And it’s time to have a fit
First they say that all is well, then drag you through living hell
They will say they need more time, they’ll tell you their bank is fine, but it’s all shit!
Let a banker in your life
Let a banker in your life
I will never let a banker in my life!


And don’t get me started on my lawyer!