POST 21 In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle

giraffe3I can hear you saying, “OK, enough with the cars and the music and the amusement parks. What is going on with the house? Isn’t that what this blog is supposed to be about?” Well, my friends, we are in the equivalent of old-time college basketball’s dreaded four corner offense, also know as the stall. The house interior design is in the little details stage, while the exterior plan is still evolving. You don’t want to hear more about the bank, and neither do Barb or I! It would be nice if life had a shot clock to get things moving, wouldn’t it?

So with all of this nothing going on,  the timing was perfect for our long holiday weekend on the West Coast. That’s the West Coast of the USA and not the West Coast of Africa, despite the giraffe! Friends and family, a fun wedding in a lovely setting,  no blogging and no construction thoughts — yeah, right! At least only one of the wedding guests that we talked to was an architect.

Next on our house agenda is deciding on the material for the exterior. Let’s make this fun and interactive. Join the help us make a decision by entering your preferred exterior construction material. Bonus points to anyone who wants to send a sample.

Talk soon!


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