POST 20 My Maserati Does 185

joe walshWe have seen many concerts at Rosemont’s Allstate Arena, from Piano Men Sir John and  Mr. Joel  to the fully reconstituted, 100% natural, Fleetwood Mac. The best show? We agree it was from the Eagles, on their “History Of” tour. And no one turned on the crowd that night as much as the hard rocking, fun-loving Joe Walsh. Funky guitars, creaking vocals, and a GoPro Camera on the neck of the Stratocaster, the man put on quite a show. He had Barb entranced, and now whenever we are in the car and we hear him on the radio, she will murmur “That’s my guy.”

My car. Lots of time in my car. As we have said, that is one reason for the move. Get me closer to the tollway. Sure there have been suggestions of “Don’t build a house, get a driver”, or “Don’t build a house, get a Tesla.” But I love my car, and I love that 5:30 a.m. tollway drive. The car has every gimmick–double rear seat DVD screens (which of course I can’t use) and infrared night vision (which of course I don’t need.) The “active” cruise control–THAT is what I can’t do without.  I press  the activate button as I turn on to the tollway entrance ramp . Then pull out to the left lane, accelerate, hit the speed lock, sit back and relax. With the car automatically breaking as needed, I can drive the 28 tollway miles without touching anything but the steering wheel. It is an awesome drive. I see beautiful sunrises and moonsets, and watch the planes zoom overhead landing at O’Hare. I always wave to the pilots.

With my distinctive license plates, my car is pretty recognizable. Friends, even the service rep at my car dealer, have mentioned they have seen me zip by on my early morning sprint. (I did mention I like the left lane, didn’t I?)  The car has a distinctive history too; the original owner is a convicted embezzler. I have searched every inch for some hidden cash cache the FBI couldn’t detect, but it seems that all he left behind was a bit of cop-killer rap stored on the music system. Must have been  anticipating his eventual arrest when he tuned in to that.

So I will continue to tool along, knowing that when the house is finally built (no news on that the last few days) I will have left behind the afternoon bottleneck I loathe, but still have my car, my morning cruise and my career. As Joe likes to sing “Life’s been good to me so far!”

Have a great holiday!


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