POST 8 What goes up, must come down

We received the first run of architectural drawings today. Not everything, just the main level and the site plan.Wow! The house is starting to become real. All the sketches we have been working on for months have blossomed under the architects hand and  Computer Assisted Design company into walls and windows and fixtures and pergolas.

Of course there are things that we want to change. There are concepts that looked OK on the rough draft but don’t work well when really drawn out. The site plan forces us to address things we have never really discussed, such as the location and shape of the walk between the front door and the driveway. That is something that sounds simple but can affect the street appeal of the whole project. And we are in the process of hiring an interior designer to finalize the interior layout. How do we deal with a tricky wall in the bedroom? What is the best length for a cabinet run in the kitchen.

Today is not without its frustration. It seems that every time I finish a case in the lab, there is another call from the banker. Things that were promised evaporate, and for our financing we may be on Plan C, or maybe it is D. As long as it is not “D” for desperation.


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